What would it take for you to believe? That's a question Mac Sampson is used to hearing. He's a self identified skeptic who's known for doling out debunkings at his bar in Groom Lake, Texas, and in a small town with a secret military base nearby there's a lot to debunk. But when a grey alien, the sole survivor of a UFO crash, seeks refuge with the long time skeptic Mac will have to ask himself what it will take for him to believe. Abducting The Aliens is a webcomic about UFO and aliens. Exploring the intersection between skepticism and cynicism.
I Dream of Greenie


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Yumi on a UFO Yumi on a UFO pinup
Sample page for the Abducting the Aliens reboot. Sample page for the Abducting the Aliens reboot. pinup
Story of my cursed Chiefs shirt Story of my cursed Chiefs shirt classicpinup
Classic Promo Art Classic Promo Art classicpinup
Of Bunnies and NPR Of Bunnies and NPR classicpinup
AJ is straight edge AJ is straight edge classicpinup
Fanart for Noses Optional Fanart for Noses Optional classicpinup
Abducting The Aliens Illustration Abducting The Aliens Illustration classicpinup
MegaAtA MegaAtA classicpinup
Mayumi Fanart Mayumi Fanart fanart
Lineup Lineup classicpinup
Can't You Hear Me Knocking? Can't You Hear Me Knocking? pinup
Keiichi Net promo art Keiichi Net promo art classicpinup
Fanart From Eye Eighty Fanart From Eye Eighty fanart
Dru concept sketch Dru concept sketch classicpinup
Classic Cast Classic Cast classicpinup
Burton Attacks! Burton Attacks! classicpinup
Bob Pin-Up Bob Pin-Up classicpinup
Anya Fanart Anya Fanart fanart
Jesus of Suburbia Jesus of Suburbia classicpinup
A-Kon 05 Comic A-Kon 05 Comic classicpinup
AJ Saves! AJ Saves! classicpinup
Original Yumi Sketch Original Yumi Sketch classicpinup
Promo Art Promo Art pinup
Fan Art From Z Fan Art From Z fanart
Cover to Chapter 1. Cover to Chapter 1. cover
Page 25: Cover for Chapter 2 Page 25: Cover for Chapter 2 cover
Page #50 - Chapter 3 Cover Page #50 - Chapter 3 Cover cover
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Abducting The Aliens