What would it take for you to believe? That's a question Mac Sampson is used to hearing. He's a self identified skeptic who's known for doling out debunkings at his bar in Groom Lake, Texas, and in a small town with a secret military base nearby there's a lot to debunk. But when a grey alien, the sole survivor of a UFO crash, seeks refuge with the long time skeptic Mac will have to ask himself what it will take for him to believe. Abducting The Aliens is a webcomic about UFO and aliens. Exploring the intersection between skepticism and cynicism.
Page 52 - Dear Mac


bloggerSo here we go...

OK. I don't know if I'm ready for this or not, but I'm going to start updating again. One page a week. Probably on Mondays.

Besides hard deadlines with consequences is a good thing. It helps keep me honest. And if I don't have anything to help keep me honest I'm just going to keep slacking and reworking things. Hell, I was actually 18 pages in when I decided to scrap everything and start over so...

Yeah, here's the cover for Chapter 1: Arrival. New Page next Monday.

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Abducting The Aliens