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Mark's your typical slacker, I guess. Most of what motivates him is his own amusement. He's an artist. He's a little paranoid, a little insane, but hey who isn't?



Bob's an alien. Why did Bob have to move in with Mark? What's he even doing here on Earth? And why does nobody seem to care that he's an alien? Some of these questions will be answered over the course of the comic.



Let's get this out of the way first. Yes, AJ is the son of God. The second coming of Christ. problem is he came of age in an apathetic late 90's America. He also quickly learned that evangelical Christians really don't want to hear the word of God. So he just decided to lead by example and enjoy his life.



Yumi was into the goth scene when she was younger...maybe that's why she wears so much black. But really she's been interesting in the paranormal since she was a little girl. Maybe that's why she got into the goth scene...anyway, her favorite recording artist is Ozzy Osborne.



Dru and Mark have been friends for a long time. Dru works at the local comic/gaming/anime store Alpha to Zeta. She has a very sharp wit and seems to have an uncanny ability to put
Mark in his place...

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Abducting The Aliens